Installation of Inground Trampolines Is Easy

An inground trampoline is the safest to use, especially for smaller children, as it involves no climbing, or height from which they can fall. It can be installed in your front or backyard and give you and your kids hours of active play.

As the name of the trampoline indicates it s installed inside the ground and will require you to create a pit for it. Ensure that there are no trees or plants near to the area that the trampoline will occupy. Most users manuals will indicate the minimum distances from any obstructions or objects.

An inground trampoline has short legs and these need to be positioned above the ground level. This keeps them away from the moisture in the ground and will ensure that they last longer, as they will not corrode. It also allows air below the trampoline to escape, when you jump on it. These trampolines have an integrated frame net that allows the air to pass through and also prevents objects rolling into the pit, or even curious pets or small tots from going under the trampoline. The legs of this trampoline being very short, ensures that they have better stability. Longer legs will permit the trampoline to move sideways and make it unstable.

One problem with creating a pit for the installation of an inground trampoline is that there will be the possibility of it flooding when it rains. Make sure that your soil is well irrigated or see if you can build in some drainage at the bottom of the pit, so that the water will be carried away. Another solution can be to create a raised mound to give you the same configuration so that flooding will never be a problem.

You have to be careful to see that the pit that you have for the trampoline does not allow weeds or plants to grow in them as they can impede the jump.It is best to treat the installation of an inground trampoline as putting in a pool in your property. It can be best if you can create a retaining wall ad install proper ventilation and drainage.

Inground trampolines can be round, square or rectangular, and their size will depend on the area that you have for it in your yard. Make sure that there is enough space all around, no plants and trees are nearby, and if you are installing it in your lawn, that you have the space for mowing the lawn.